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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

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By The Numbers

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Greater than forty thousand dollars. Each and every year. Per, that’s the average cost to incarcerate a person in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Only eleven percent. That’s the average number of state prison inmates, nationwide, who have attended some college or other postsecondary institution, compared to 48% of the general population.

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Just eight hundred dollars. That is the cost to help YLI Erie place a student into our comprehensive program. That’s the small financial assist that you can make to help a local student. Your support will help a student earn not only their high school diploma, but you’ll be helping them earn $2,000 in a college scholarship!

100% of our current student cohort members are on track to graduate high school!

All students currently in the YLI program have maintained a greater than a B grade average!

Be a part of the solution

We are shaping tomorrow’s top-tier employees and job creators.

WE NEED YOU to help us break the cycle of poverty, dependence and even incarceration.

WE NEED YOU to help us give Erie-Area students a CHANCE to EARN a better life!

Please help us by sponsoring a YLI Erie student (or students).