YLI Virtual Training Academy
"If I can sit down for freedom, you can stand up for children!" -Rosa Parks

Program Overview

Youth Leadership Institute of Erie is pleased to provide a virtual training academy for our students and their families, called Blackboard Coresites.

These training programs are designed to help strengthen job readiness and interpersonal skills.

Some of our virtual programs will be open to all participants, while others will be tailored to specific groups of students, alumni, volunteers, educators, and staff.

Registration and Access

To ensure a safe and quality virtual training experience, attendees will need to register for an account with Blackboard by clicking on the button below. This link will redirect to a page that says "Please Wait." After a brief wait, an account can be easily created.

Note: users will not have to create an account with Blackboard each time they log in. They will simply log to their existing account by clicking on the same link (button) below.

Enter Coresites


The first course that should pop up for participants is called "Youth Leadership Institute of Erie." Once viewed, other courses and training sessions will become available.

Announcements will be made through Blackboard to let participants know which courses to view/study in a given timeframe.

Virtual Workshops

On occasion, virtual workshops may also be provided to students through Google Classrooms and/or Zoom. In these instances, a unique entry code (or codes) will be emailed to students from a member of the YLI staff. .

Thank You

Thank you to our sponsors who have helped make this invaluable training possible. We also are grateful to the students, alumni, staff and parents who continue to help ensure that our young people have access to these quality training materials.

Should you have any questions or need additional help, please contact your YLI program advisor.